Custom Hot Stamping Foil,Hot Stamping Label

We are supplier of all type of hot stamping foil for all type of printing purpose, we can provide you with the latest technology in decorative stamping foils, including gold's, silvers, metallic and pigment colors.
AFC Hologram are expertise to provide hot stamping foil,hot stamping label,holography is often used to protect products from counterfeits and to enhance their shelf appeal by making the entire packaging holographic in nature.

Hot stamping film for the embroidery, textile industries, glitter powder for textile, gift article wedding card, greeting cards etc.

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Custom Hot Stamping Foil / Label

Holographic Pattern:Customize(Defult) / Stock

MOQ:20 Rolls.(New order: 5 days ; Re-order: 3 days)

Max Width of roll:1500 meters (Defult: 120m)

Design: Free Design,100% custom hologram design and image.

Color:Transparent / Silver / Golden / Colorful

Material: PET(0.012mm / 0.016mm/0.02mm).

Useage:Hot stamping to Paper / PVC.

Quality: High quality and competitive price,Fully enclosed production line.

AFC HOLOGRAM is professional in hologram hot stamping foil production. To fulfill your expectations, we offer a variety of products with excellent quality and reasonable price for your choice. With the world advanced holographic techniques, AFC HOLOGRAM is capable to supply foil products to match different application.


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Hot stamping hologram labels / stickers

Our entire gamut of Hot Stamping Holograms is suitable for the large scale based applications, where manual pasting is not practically possible.

1. These holograms are designated by making use of premium grade materials and advanced printing techniques.

2. This non removable hologram range is easy to be transferred to surfaces like plastic, PVC or PAPER by employing thermal process.

Easy to paste by applying pressure and heat.
Superlative security device.
Excellent visual appeal.
Cannot remove from substrate virtually.
Vivacious color pattern.
Mesmerizing design.

Confidential documents.
Plastic products.
Credit cards.
Pre-printed cartoon labels.
Textile garments.
Official documents.
Greeting cards

Custom Hot stamping label

Hot Stamping Foil

Our hot stamping foil can be single color or hologram pattern, default size is 640mm(Width) x 120meters(Length), can customize the size for you.
We can customize the hologram and colors for stamping foils products are very suitable to stamp the paper and PVC cards, the pattern is very strong.

We can provide 4 styles pattern of hot stamping foil for you.

1) Colorful (No hologram pattern).

2) Hologram pattern (Stock pattern).

3) Customize hologram pattern (Not positioning pattern).

4) Positioning hologram pattern.

Hot stamping foils

Lens Hot Stamping Foil

The “lens” holographic effect is a new holographic effect with unique biconvex 3D visual effects, which can greatly enrich the value of products or packaging. Light groove lens hot stamping foil can be offered.

1. Multiple choice with various of lens size & reasonable design.

2. Widely application by combining with printing design to achieve specific identification effect


1. Lens extend 3mm as stamping tolerance considered.

2.Color: Standard stamping color (silver, gold, red, transparent), special color customized accordingly.

Application::Currently, light groove lens are commonly used in the packaging of cigarette, alcohol and cusmetics.

hololens hot stamping foils

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