Security Hologram , Custom Hologram Stickers

We are hologram manufacturers in China.Security Hologram,Lens and 3D,Combined Packing Material.

Custom hologram stickers,custom hologram stickers,hololens registered packaging and hololens film to make your own holograms. Wide selection, unparalleled customer service.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our holographic label products!Hologram labels are the best way to provide security.

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified company offering cost effective solution for brand protection and brand promotion.

Competitive Advantage

SINCE 1999

AFC has been a famous brand in security hologram industry of China for 19 years.

Factory area

Factory : 5000 ㎡,Production lines : Fully closed production line, One-stop production.


Custom hologram and uses the self-developed facilities for UV curing recombination and embossing to replace the traditional heat embossing production.


The company has possessed multiple advanced technologies for hologram origination; it is the worldwide famous origination center for security holograms.


ISO9001,AFC will help your packaging stand out with better security and attractive identification.A lot of products offered by AFC have been exported worldwide successfully.


Able to integrate all unique features of its multiple origination techniques ,Compared with other similar hologram products, AFC style is the highest ratio of quality and price.


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